Apple Stuns Audience with Unanticipated Releases: 15-inch MacBook Air and Mac Studio Unveiled at WWDC23 Softonic

Just recently we learned that iOS 17 could address many user concerns, and more whispers could follow. We could also hear more about the fresh MacBook we could potentially see before the official reveal. In the meantime, we will have to sit tight and impatiently wait for our favorite time of the year. Although Vision Pro won’t require physical controllers that can be clunky to use, the goggles will have to either be plugged into a power outlet or a portable battery tethered to the headset. “This marks the beginning of a journey that will bring a new dimension to powerful personal technology,” Cook told the crowd. A tower-based Mac Pro will set users back $6,999 (£7,199 in the UK) subject to configuration, while a rack-based system will start at $7,499 (£7,699 in the UK). Despite its large display, the new MacBook Air is sturdy and long-lasting. It’s nearly 40 percent thinner and half a pound lighter than a comparable PC laptop. It also delivers long battery life of up to 18 hours — 50 percent more than on the PC — even with its peak display and performance. In time for all of the recent products, Apple also unveiled the entrance of iOS 17, a significant release that enhances the communication and user experience across iPhone, FaceTime, and Messages.
In terms of design, these new Macs stay true to their modern and minimalist aesthetic. While not obvious, the design prioritizes optimal cooling, allowing us to maximize the performance of the M2 Ultra in sustained workloads. Just like the current models, this new MacBook Air is equipped with M2 chips, with variants of 8 and 10-core GPUs. As for the display, it retains the 60Hz refresh rate, leaving the 120Hz for the professional models.
There are vibrant screen savers and helpful widgets that let users customize their desktops in a whole new way. They can now place widgets right on their desktop and interact with them with just a click. Those plus they can access all the iPhone widgets directly from their Mac too. For cyclists, there are new metrics, Workout Views, and Bluetooth connectivity for power meters, speed sensors, and cadence sensors. The Mindfulness app has also been improved with more tools to support mental health. Developers can try out watchOS 10 as a beta version starting June 5th, 2023, and everyone will get it as a free software update in the Fall of 2023.

That’s going to give you a load of widgets, lock screen personalisations, live activities you can track on the display, the Health app will be coming to iPad and you’ll be able to edit PDFs in Notes. Last year, we got to see Apple’s new M2 MacBook Air, one of the company’s best MacBooks in recent memory. Hardware isn’t a mainstay at WWDC, and Apple doesn’t always unveil new products.

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