The 30 Best Manhwa Of All Time

Slowly, they both fall in love, changing what they knew about each other. Of all the zeitgeist-defining fiction to come out of the past twenty years, perhaps none has been more universally beloved than the Harry Potter series by J.K. When Bo-eun finds a cat in an azalea field, she dubs her Dallae (Korean for Azalea) and brings her new companion home. But Dallae’s arrival coincides with recurring dreams about Bo-eun’s high school friend Saeyeon.
And if you’ve never heard of The Story of Ferdinand, but you love stories about gentle giants that subvert gender norms, this manhwa is also for you. Loosely drawing from role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and the fantasy series Discworld, The Gamer is about, well, gaming. From its first episode in 2013, The Gamer is a long-standing crowd favorite among both actual gamers and those who simply prefer to read about it. Anthony is an experienced writer and anime enthusiast and is the authority on all things about anime and manga.
Tomb Raider King follows Seo Joo-Heon, an arrogant but goal-oriented young man who wants to get all of God’s Tombs for himself and won’t stop until he gets them. Anybody who belongs to the K-drama fandoms has surely heard about Business Proposal. This story was adapted into a K-Drama in 2022 and it was a total success. The manhwa is just as great, so viewers should delve into it if they want more of Hari and Taemu’s story. Leveling Up My Husband To The Max is a Webtoon original that follows Amber as she’s sentenced to execution.
อ่านการ์ตูน Following Leon — a boy with the unusual ability of being able to see voices in terms of colors and whose dreams are beginning to come to life — Catharsis operates on the edge between nightmare and reality. When he learns about an organization called “Catharsis” that fights monsters which feed on fear, his life is forever altered. Together with Leon, readers will get a chance to see fear and courage in a whole other light. So come for the slaying, and stay for characters you can’t help but to root for in this display of epic storytelling. For fans of visually darker manhwas in the horror genre, Distant Sky by Inwan Youn and Sunhee Kim is a Tim Burton-esque dark horse with a smaller but dedicated readership. Working with contrasts, sparse use of color, and long vertical panels, Sunhee Kim’s artwork is a disturbing feast for the eye (with haunting depictions of death scattered throughout).
The Horizon is such a simple story that its characters don’t even have names. This simplicity allows it to tell an incredibly moving story in only 21 episodes. It may not be the best option for a fun, lighthearted reading session, but those who enjoy stories with true emotional depth will love it. As for the plot, it’s almost better to know as little as possible about this one before going in so that you can uncover it piece by piece. But to give a basic premise, there’s a Tower of God, wherein your wildest dreams can come true at the risk of great peril.
And while these three popular media share some historical origins in the early 20th century when Japan occupied much of East Asia, they are today different for more than just the nationality of their artists. While the manga-reading populace’s appetite is predominantly occupied by shounen and isekai, webtoons offer popular representatives of romance, horror, and even LBTQ+. Animations based on Korean comics are still relatively rare (though there were several major hits in the late 1980s and early 90s with titles such as Dooly the Little Dinosaur and Fly! Superboard). However, live-action drama series and movie adaptations of manhwa have occurred more frequently in recent years. Full House in 2004 and Goong (“Palace” or “Princess Hours”) in 2006 are prominent examples. Below is a list of manhwa titles adapted into television series, web series, films, etc.
It follows Lim Jugyeong, an awkward teen who’s picked on by the popular girls at school for her looks and unconventional love for horror manga and heavy metal. After one particularly humiliating experience, Jugyeong begins to binge watch beauty bloggers at the advice of well-meaning netizens. By the time high school starts, she has transformed herself into a goddess of beauty who instantly becomes popular. She’s ready to go to great lengths to maintain her perfect facade, all of which comes under threat when the most handsome boy at school sees her bare-faced at a local manga shop. Heavily influenced by manga and written with the same characters used for the Chinese manhua, manhwa are comics, both in print and online, produced in South Korea and written in the Korean language. That is, until he meets the new transfer student, Taebin, who lets him use his magical dice that can give the player strength, intelligence, and beauty.
Like everyone else, Sunati is constantly changing herself and admires the bravery and confidence she sees in this other girl’s more natural look. But as she musters the courage to approach her, she soon finds out that things are not always what they seem. Complete with an original soundtrack and vibrant colors, Always Human is an innocent story about getting to know the true nature of ourselves and the people around us. Jaeho has a fearsome presence to say the least; with a body built like a tank and an intimidating scowl, his overbearing father expects nothing but a career in MMA fighting from him. To escape his father’s ambitions, he enters into a virtual reality game called “New World”, where he might be able to fulfil his wholesome dream.
With deep knowledge of popular series like Naruto and Attack on Titan, as well as lesser-known gems, Anthony is happy to write about his passion here on Anime Patrol. He gains a fortuitous event of a lifetime when he becomes the Player of the System, giving him the power to level up continuously through quests and Gate expeditions. In a world where spatial disturbances called Gates have appeared all over the world, bringing in monsters from other realms, the weak Jinwoo is forced to entertain danger to pay for his mother’s medical bills. These scenes were even better when the anime by Crunchyroll Originals came out, garnering TGOH more readers who can’t sit still and learn more about Jin’s adventures. Basically, this manhwa is a Korean love letter to both Dragon Ball Z and East Asian culture.
Despite everything, the two have put their friendship first; or at least until Yuna decides that it might finally be time to move on. The balance is thrown, and the two have to ask themselves where to draw the line between friendship and something else. Dallae is a wholesome manhwa about cats and lost high school loves — a perfect palate cleanser between martial art and vampires. And Choonae certainly knows how to deliver both cuteness overload and punches to the heart in rapid succession. On the other side of the manhwa spectrum, we have dark suspense stories like Hive by Kyusam Kim.
These titles usually have authors and artists that are Korean, and/or were first published in Korea. Popular artist Kim Yong-hwan started Korea’s first comic magazine, Manhwa Haengjin, in 1948,[15] but it was quickly shut down because the authorities disapproved of the cover. Even after almost 400 chapters in the main story, now the creators have focused on side stories. Readers will find it easy to dive into this universe just like they would do with any fantasy franchise.
Additionally, the “beom” that the characters hunt in the story is another word for “tiger.” Manga really doesn’t need much introduction; the term is widely known throughout the world, and refers to comics produced in Japan and written in Japanese by a person referred to as mangaka. While it definitely seem overwhelming at first, once you get your bearings around a couple of key terms, you’ll find that you can easily navigate most fandom and communities. And that’s true for pretty much everything—so here’s a quick guide to the various definitions of Eastern Asia comics and webcomics.
In Semantic Error, a romantic slice-of-life drama, oil meets water when two university students are forced together in the classic torture device, better known as “group projects”. Sparks fly as these unlikely characters learn to decode each other. Always Human is a story about nanobots, genetic engineering and about falling in love. In a world where people apply fancy mods to change their appearances and functions, our main character Sunati can’t help but notice a girl at the bus stop who never changes.

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